1) Just Like That
(music - .mp3 format - 1MG)
I love observing animals in nature because they teach me things.
This song is about the Bobcat that uses my roof for a hunting platform at night. I would see her on the trails in the hills urrounding my home and loved to watch her run. Bobcats are very strong & fast for their size. Deer and sometimes elk are part of their diet.
They have a territory of 40-50 miles and hunt intensely in one area for 3 or 4 days, then move to another spot.
That's why, seemingly at random I would hear crash boom bam on my roof at 3
or 4 am.

2)I Send You All My Love
(music -.mp3 format - 1MG)
This song is about getting fed up with city life and running away to the country. It's also a love song. The person in the song needs to get away for her sanity but is wishing her loved one is there too
and is willing to go with or without him because that's what she needs to do for herself.

3) A Billion Lights
(music - .mp3 format - 1.3 MG)
This is a love song I wrote at the top of Mt. Palomar here in San Diego and is about how beautiful it is to share love and the intimacy of the earth with someone I love.

4) Be My Man
(music - .mp3 format - 1.4 MG)
The new millennium look at love and what one woman wants in a relationship-balance of power, equality, fun, spirituality & passion!

5) Fly Again (music - .mp3 format - 717KB)
I was standing in bathroom getting ready for a gig and the butterfly clip for my hair broke. I tried to fix it but it wouldn't stay glued. I was disappointed because it was my favorite and the only one I had. The lines to this song came to me.
Later I finished the song and it turned into an introspective look at the aftermath of heartbreak and allowing for time & space to heal. For me, the best inspiration comes from observing everyday life.

6)How Much I Love You (music - .mp3 format - 1.2 MG)
I was on tour in Grand Junction Colorado and missing my sweetie. I saw a little patch of undisturbed snow and bent down to write "I Love You" with my finger in the snow. My imagination started working as I wondered where the words would go when they melted. I also was inspired by seeing eagles in the wild for the first time.

The following are the songs on Celia's new "Wildly Amazed" album. Sounds clips are here! Please click on the song title to hear a short clip of the music from Wildly Amazed.

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7)Now & Then (music - .mp3 format - 1.3 MG)
I was sitting on a chair outside in my yard with my guitar and a bee landed on the "g" string So I started writing a song in the key of "g". I got stuck after a while and the bee came back and landed on the b string (bee string) and that's where the next note needed to go.
It's amazing how inspiration can "bee" from anywhere. A song acknowledging that sometimes new love needs to be born through pain.

8)Ease My Mind (music - .mp3 format - 718 MG)
I took a trip by myself to write songs and found myself at a hot springs in Utah. The original pages of the lyrics are still splattered in mineral water. I sat for hours in this rough tub carved out of rock from the mineral water and dangled my feet in the river below.
This song started pouring out at the car dealership where I was getting my car ready for the trip and kept coming out the week I was
at the hot springs and a few days after I got back.
It's about letting go of things that no longer "work" in life and embracing
peace of mind.

9)Talk To Me (music - .mp3 format - 1.2 MG)
A relationship void of real, honest communication can last only so long.

10)New In Blue (music - .mp3 format - 1.3 MG)
I had an old rocking chair on my porch and adopted it when it was already well worn. I loved sitting in it and feeling the smoothness of the wood and wondered who sat so many hours in the chair and what they had been through. The chair had seen a lot of life. Even though the person in this love song is new in heartbreak, there's a glimmer of hope that somehow, she'll make it through.

11)More Than A Dream (music - .mp3 format - 1.3 MG)
Dreams of true love are just that... dreams It takes emotional risk to get to the core of a lasting relationship.

12)Grandpa Red (music - .mp3 format - 1.2 MG)
Grandpa Red a true story about my Grandfather and is dedicated in loving memory to my late Father, whom I miss very much, and is a compilation of the stories he used to tell me of his childhood. After looking through Dad's old photo album, all the little things he would tell me just came back to me and brought old "Red" whom I never met to life.

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