The Musical

San Diego historic, interactive, humorous,
musical fun for all ages!!!!!

Celia Lawley's new musical, Gold Hill is based on historic fact about Julian's 1870's gold rush. Celia packs 12 original songs into this one hour, fast paced show, where she sings, acts, dances & plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin & tin flute. Both children & adult volunteers act in the play by reading cue cards & participating in the miner's talent show.

The play begins on Monday May 19th, 1890, at the Santa Ysabel school house at Witch Creek, California (in San Diego county, between Ramona & Julian) where the teacher, Miss Blanche Boring (Celia) recounts stories about Julian's gold rush, as told to her by her Uncle Newt during her visits to the Banner Queen Mine. (various historic sources). Blanche & her family moved to Los Angeles from Illinois feeling the change in climate would help her mother's health. In 1887, urged by her mother's brother, Newton (L.N.) Bailey, Miss Boring's family moved to 170 acres in Wynola that he had found for them. Banner Queen mine, who was involved in Julian's early gold rush days.

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Song #1
(Introducing California's 1849 gold rush)

...They rode close to their saddles
held tight to their reins
forded deep wide rivers
crossed the mountains & plains
sailed on ships around the horn
a new California's quickly born
those brave young souls sought the Mother Load of
gold, free gold...

Song #2
(Drue's first impression of Julian area)

Not one more step I'm tired of wandering now
gonna farm and raise some cattle
right here I'll settle down
not one more step I'm
caught in a spell
like the condor flying ore the ridge
this is where I'll dwell...

Song #3
(Coleman's discovery of placer gold)

What was that glimmer
that shimmer, that glitter?
What was that color in the stream
that caught his eye?
Could it be fools gold or
mica or who knows?
Something is shining
got to find out why...

Song #4
(Miner's rush for San Diego's gold)

...CHORUS: 1
San Diego Californio
is the place where we will go
in the mountains to the east
they've found rich quartz above Coleman Creek

Song #5
(The first quartz strikes)

Gold Hill
people are a coming still
to make a fortune or work a claim
so will go and some remain on
Gold Hill...

Song #6
(A town is born)

Drue called it Julian City
after cousin Mike's last name
when asked "why not Bailey?"
he said, it's all the same
They both are family names and Mike's better looking by far
and sporting a charming grin
chewed on his cigar

Song #7
(Miner vs. Cuyamaca Land Grant case)

Those swindlers tried to steal that land any way they could
but despite Cuyamaca's tries
the little town stood
many deserted leaving those that would
fighting together for the common good...

Song #8
(Discovery of gold and birth of Banner)

See that banner waving in the valley below?
L.B. Redman staked a claim, tied a flag to a pole
Just east of Julian beyond Cuyamaca Grant's range
that's how Banner got it's name...

Song #9
(Discovery of Banner's Golden Chariot Mine)

Boys, drop your picks, give your hammers a break
I've staked us a claim, time to celebrate
your "Blarney Stone's" filled with Irish luck
Good fortune's come a riding on a GOLDEN CHARIOT...

Song #10
(Drue Bailey's Prank)

...CHORUS 1:
It's the last dance of evening
Loren Wilcox draws out his bow
the town folk danced until
their feet would no longer go
It's time to be loading the wagons
Loren's played every song that he knows
but no one can leave 'til he plays Sweet Marie real slow...

Song #11
(First road connecting Banner to Julian)

Riding back from Julian the
music it was fine
danced holes in our shoes
gotta get back to our mines
singing we won't go home 'til morning
this trail's not very wide
the sun's come up, the canyon's steep
going down Banner slide...

Song #12
(Fierce pioneer stage race)

...CHORUS 1:
Sixty miles to San Diego
Stokes leads down Julian's grade
hoofs and wheels thundered above
screams the passengers made
drivers whipped panting horses
in their frantic rush
fiercely competing,
fares were slashed and cut...

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